Pan fried steak in a creamy pepper sauce


Ingredients (10 portions)

Amount Measure Name
1.5 kg1.5kgBeef fillet
30 g30gKnorr Professional Garlic Puree 750g 
150 g150gKnorr Gluten Free Demi Glace 12L 
15 g15gKnorr Professional Mixed Peppercorns Puree 750g 
50 ml50mlBrandy
300 ml300mlMeadowland Double – the benefits of double cream without the disadvantages 

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Advanced Preparation.
Prepare and trim the steaks removing excess fat and gristle. Prepare all other ingredients. Warm
serving plates.

1. Brush the steak with the garlic puree.
2. Make up the demi glace as per manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Using a suitable sauté pan add a little oil, bring to a high heat and add the steak, seal on both sides,
cook as required and put to one side keeping hot.
4. In the same pan de-glaze and flame the pan with the brandy, add the cream, reduce by half, add the
the demi glace, bring to the boil and adjust flavour and seasoning with the peppercorn puree.
5. Place the steak centre of plate and drizzle with the sauce.

Service Hint
Serve with potatoes and vegetables of choice.

Handy hint
Ideal to serve with pork or chicken or a cheaper cut of beef ie rump or sirloin.

Healthy hint
Serve with steamed vegetables of choice and or a green salad.
Keep added salt to a minimum. Use an unsaturated oil (olive or sunflower) and reduce the quantity
used. This helps to provide a healthy balanced dish. Although Meadowland is a healthier alternative to
cream please note that these recipes are indulgent recipes.

Reference Intakes for Adults

Each Serving of Pan fried steak in a creamy pepper sauce contains

Reference Intakes for Adults

of an adults guideline daily amount

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