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Introducing Tom Kerridge’s 2024 Menu Heroes. Chef Tom Kerridge has partnered with Knorr Professional Bouillons as their Creative Director to help inspire chefs with his latest menu heroes for 2024 - including his ultimate Roast Dinner. 

From how to get the most flavoursome beef to the richest gravy, discover Tom's secrets to crafting the perfect roast.


Why choose Knorr Professional Bouillon?  Built on a foundation of culinary excellence that spans decades, Knorr Professional Bouillons are trusted by chefs for consistency, depth of flavour and versatility. Never standing still, we continue to be the best by working with not only the best ingredients but the best chefs in the business. 

Knorr Professional’s Bouillons are available in Powder, Paste and Jelly formats, offering chefs versatility and flexibility in usage and application, plus consistent depth of flavour every time.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best chefs in the business to bring you advice, skills tutorials, insight and menu inspiration that’s tailored to your sector of foodservice.

Introducing the Gareth Smith: Gareth ‘Gaz’ Smith is a successful chef who has firmly established himself as a culinary leader within Dublin’s food scene. With a passion for bold flavours and truly comforting food, Gaz is thrilled to be partnering with Knorr Professional to share his take on hero pub dishes and how’s best to achieve an unmatched depth of flavour.  With seasonality at the heart, Gaz has crafted a range of recipes accompanied by easy to follow tutorials to help elevate and inspire pub and restaurant menus

Whether you’re a pub, restaurant, care home or school, we’ve teamed up leading sector experts to provide tailored support for your business

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