Chicken and Prawn Paella


Ingredients (10 portions)

Amount Measure Name
400 g400gOnions diced
400 g400gRed peppers diced
5 g5gTurmeric
5 g5gChilli flakes
500 g500gChicken thigh, skinless & boneless diced & cut into strips
400 g400gShellfish, prawns (raw)
600 g600gArborio rice
400 g400gTinned tomatoes
5 g5gParsley


Advance Preparation

Warm serving bowls. Pre heat oven to 180ºC / 350ºF / Gas Mark 4.

Method - Oven

1. Place onions, peppers, turmeric, chilli powder and chicken into a gastronom insert and bake in oven for 10 minutes.

2. Decant the prawns, rice, sauce and tomatoes into the gastronom and cover with foil or a lid.

3. Place into the oven and cook for 1 hour or until thoroughly cooked.

4. Serve in a warmed serving dish and garnish with the coriander.

Handy hint

Serve with a 80g mixed salad garnish, this will contribute to one of your 5 A DAY.


Added salt is not recommended but if used keep to a minimum . If using oil use unsaturated (olive or sunflower) and reduce the quantity used where possible. This helps to provide a nutritional balanced dish.

Reference Intakes for Adults

Each Serving of Chicken and Prawn Paella contains

Reference Intakes for Adults

of an adults guideline daily amount

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