For the gnocchi:

  • Rice flour 350.0 g
  • Potatoes 2.0 kg
  • Egg yolk 200.0 g
  • Salt 5.0 g
  • Butter 40.0 g

For the sauce:

This is a great recipe for your vegetarian guests and easy to prepare. Serve the Italian potato dumplings with some fresh spinach, mushrooms and a tasty parmesan Sauce.



  1. For the gnocchi:

    • Preheat an oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with foil.
    • Pierce the potatoes with a fork and bake for 1 hour or until tender.
    • Peel the potatoes and press the potato flesh through a potato ricer into a large bowl.
    • Weight 1kg of the mashed potato add the salt and beat in the flour and egg yolk until the mixture comes together as a soft dough.
    • Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and divide it into quarters.
    • With each quarter shape it into a 20-inch-long rope. Cut each rope into 20x 1-inch pieces. Roll each piece into a ball. Working with 1 ball at a time (cover remaining dough to prevent drying), using your thumb, roll dough piece down the teeth of a lightly floured fork (gnocchi will have ridges on 1 side and an indentation on the other).
    • In a large sauce pan bring the water to a gentle simmer, add half the gnocchi to the boiling water. Cook for about 3-4 min. or until the gnocchi rises to the top.
    • Remove the gnocchi and place in a colander to drain. Repeat the cooking process for the other half of the gnocchi.
    • Add the butter to a large saute/frying pan and heat until melted.
    • Add the cooked gnocchi and fry till golden, set a side and keep warm.
  2. For the sauce:

    • Heat the butter in a sauté pan on a medium heat.
    • Add the mushrooms and sauté for approximately 8-10 min. until the mushrooms are golden.
    • Then add the KNORR Professional Garlic Puree and salt, cook for 5 min.
    • Deglaze the pan with the white wine and reduce by half.
    • Then add the single cream and water and cook for a further 10 min. until the sauce is creamy in consistency.
    • Add the spinach and parmesan.
    • Finish with the chopped parsley.
    • Spoon the gnocchi onto plates, top with the mushroom and spinach sauce and finish with additional parmesan if required.

    Disclaimer: It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the end dish is gluten-free in accordance with the regulatory requirements and check all ingredients to ensure they are gluten-free. For further guidance please download our Gluten-Free Kitchen Guide.

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