Valentine’s Day menu inspiration

As people want to celebrate love, add a romantic touch – not only to your dessert menu. You can offer a special romance menu making use of some lighter ingredients such as fish and vegetables as you don’t want your guests to be totally stuffed after your menu. Another Valentine’s menu idea can be meals for two. Combine your dishes and serve them with love. Here is some recipe inspiration for your savoury menu:


Valentine's Day menu cards

Valentine's Day menu cards

Download our set of menu cards to individualise your Valentine's Day menu. We provide you with a .zip file including PDF and word documents for you to choose and edit. Enjoy!

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Aphrodisiac ingredients

How about using some aphrodisiac ingredients? Here is a list which will give a special touch to your Valentine’s menu:

  • Hot chillies
  • Avocado
  • Pure, dark chocolate
  • Exotic vanilla


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