Why use social media?

Why not ?! There are over billion daily users on Facebook alone, with people sharing, posting, and liking all manner of things. From the top-notch meal at a restaurant they went to, down to reviews they have. If you want to grow your customer base, social media is sure to give you that added reach.

Cast your eyes below to see how you can get the most out of Social Media!


  •  Create a page for your business include your open times, address, and phone number then start creating posts!
  • You can add images, videos, GIFs, Carousels and more and customers can “check in” or say that have visited your establishment, as well as leave reviews on your page.
  • Use the album feature to post your specials so customers can have a peak at your offering, you can also set up events and create specific competitions to peak customers’ interest.

Tip: You can decide who sees your post and filter by age, location, and interests


  • It’s a very visual platform and is ace for showcasing your star dishes. Create an account, add address, phone number, and link to website then start creating posts!
  • You can add hashtags to posts to give them greater reach, create your own bespoke hashtag and then encourage customers to use it when they take pictures of your food.


  • We know food pictures really say it all, but Twitter have upped the character limit so you can say a bit more about your dishes. Sign up and start posting!
  • Not only can you make your own hashtag you can also see what’s trending and see what events you can link in with, and competitions you can push.


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