Head Chef Guillaume Chambon @guillaume_chambon

Head Chef Guillaume Chambon

Harbour and Jones Caterers

Signature Dish: Crispy Irish oyster, Morecombe Bay shrimp jelly

Chef Years: 18

  • Reduce the number of dishes on your À la carte menu so you can have more specials of the day.
  • Negotiate good price offers from your meat and fish suppliers, 
  • Lastly be able to use whatever you are holding in your dry store or freezer.

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Sous Chef Simon Plociennik @simon_chef_uk

Sous Chef Simon Plociennik

Royal Seven Stars Totnes Hotel

Signature Dish: Parsley Tagliatelle with girolles       and porcini mushrooms in creamy sauce and     shaved black truffles

Chef Years: 15

  • For me the slower months in the kitchen is a great opportunity to work on the menu.
  • In the kitchen there is always something to do so quiet or not all the bees are busy. It's good to go back to all the things you did and try to make them better than before.
  • In one sentence: whenever you have the chance push yourself to make good food and make people happy.

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Slow months are also a great way to refresh your knowledge, make sure you check out our free allergen guide checklist!

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