Vegan, plant-based, flexitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian... consumers’ dietary demands have perhaps never been so varied.

Pizza Express, Wagamama and Wetherspoons have all recently updated their menus to include vegan dishes as a result of growing demand. We have also seen the first all-vegan pub opening up in London with its "Tofush and Chips", as well as V-Revolution in Manchester serving up American Diner classics. But this arguably is no new trend. The 8th Day has been open in Manchester since the 1970s, serving up vegan food to the community. 

One thing is for sure: whatever their needs, every customer deserves to eat great food. As a result, we have been working in our kitchen to recreate some classic dishes into vegan delights using, simple, everyday ingredients. Download our guide below and discover how to turn king oyster mushrooms into bacon and cashew nuts into cabonara.

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