There are some easy wins when it comes to getting good reviews - and putting Hellmann's on your tables is one of them. 70% of diners want mayo on the table*. So, choose the nation's favourite** to help keep the good reviews coming.

Read what chefs from across the country have to say about showcasing the Hellmann's range to create a better dining experience.

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Chef Luke Sears

"Having Hellmann's on the table is a seal of approval. It reflects the standard of quality in a pub"

Chef years: 4

Pub: The Phoenix Tavern, Faversham

Chef Mark Hewitt

"If you walk in and see Hellmann's on the table you know straight away they're doing things properly."

Chef Mark Hewitt

Chef years: 11

Pub: The Ship, Herne Bay

Chef Allan Hendry

“There is a difference between Hellmann’s and other products. People will notice.”

Chef years: 9

Pub: O’Gorman’s, Portlaoise

Chef Gary Beattie

“People are more likely to leave good reviews if they had a good experience. The taste of Hellmann’s is spot on.”

Chef years: 20+

Pub: The Lucan Spa Hotel, Dublin

Chef Matt Woolley

“Reviews are really important to us, so we put Hellmann’s on our tables. The customers like to see proper products.”

Chef years: 5

Pub: The Crown, Saltford

*UFS Consumer Online Survey, Cambridge Direction 2018 (n=800)
**IRE Nielsen Retail Grocery Value Sales MAT 04/11/2018

These chefs were given Chef Rewards in return for an interview and photographs, however the views expressed were their own and not scripted.

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