Here are some easily implemented tips that will improve margin and drive volume

Menu Layout

Your menu is a fantastic marketing tool and a way to tempt guests to choose certain dishes on your menu. Your average guest spends just 3.5 minutes viewing a menu before making a decision. List your most profitable dishes in the first half of your menu with 8 to 10 items in each category. More options can slow down their ordering.

Menu Descriptions
Your guests need to be impressed by your menu and be convinced of its value. Descriptions should appeal to the five senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, sound) and name the "best" ingredients.

Signature Dishes
A signature dish does not have to be your most expensive item, it can be a low price dish with WOW factor that has a halo effect over your whole menu. The dish is what you are famous for. Own the dish. It should be a dish that guests only experience at your restaurant.

Smart selling

Amazing Flavours
Guests want robust flavours. Any successful menu has to get the fundamentals right. Marinating meats and vegetables overnight can boost flavour and colour. Use flavour combinations that are hard for your guests to recreate at home.

Intriguing Ingredients
Grab attention by using some unusual ingredients. This will tempt the more adventurous guest and be talking point on the menu. Offer the option to pay extra for a premium ingredient in some dishes.

Perfect Presentation
Paying great attention to presentation will maximise the appeal and margin for every dish. Sauces drizzled over the plate using a squeeze bottle creates a premium image instantly.

Smart selling vegetables

Super Sides

Give guests the option of several side dishes to increase choice and boost revenue. Exciting side salads and vegetable dishes with variety of dressings and garnishes work well.

Classic Techniques
Offer your guests menu choices that are not easy to recreate at home. Using more cost effective ingredients can compensate for the time and skill required.

Well Informed Staff
All staff should know which are your most profitable dishes. Encourage them to recommend the dishes when appropriate.

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