1. What To Promote

Briefings between kitchen staff and front of house staff are important. It helps you understand what to offer on shift. Watch this video to learn about different tips and tricks to improve your service offering. 


2. When to promote

You must be able to sense the mood of the table to know when to put your pitch in. in this video, we discuss signs to watch out for to be able to make the best recommendations at the right time.


3. How to promote

In this video, we discuss the best ways to promote certain products and at what stage of a meal. Watch to learn how best to read the mood of a table.


4. Getting return Visits

Returning guests are very valuable to a restaurant. This video dives into the importance of acknowledging each returning guest, and how you can turn new guests into regulars.


5. Key Offerings

To be able to make recommendations to your guests, it’s important to know what your offerings are. Watch this video to learn about how you can best present key offering

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