Inspiring pub curry ideas and curry recipes from all over the world collected for you to make the most of your pub menu. Get inspired by our pub curry tips!

Rival local Indian restaurants

Lots of Pubs are insecure about how to deliver a convincing curry. But dont worry, follow these easy tips and in no time you will be able to create a menu good enough to rival local indian restaurants.

  • Keep your menu simple – have two mild, two medium and one hot curry to suit customers' preferred heat levels
  • Don't mix different Asian cuisines – if you want to mix it up, host alternative curry nights
  • Use quality bases – KNORR Create More Concentrated Sauce or KNORR Patak’s Pastes are great tasting authentic bases you can rely on
  • Look the part – clay or metal serving dishes are easy to get hold of and create an authentic experience
  • Add a fresh garnish – customers eat with their eyes so finish off the dish with fresh coriander or chillies


Pub curry


Cash in on the love of curries

Britain’s love affair with curry is heating up and you can take a share of this success. Read on for some simple advice on making the most of what customers want in a good pub curry

  • Offer premium dishes – chicken curry is the most popular*, but you can charge a premium for ingredients like prawns
  • Encourage sharing – snack platters or ‘thalis’ made up of several curries encourage customers to explore flavours and make you look more generous
  • Add some accompaniments - consider charging extra for serving a poppadum, samosas or naan bread, and don't forget the mango chutney
  • Host a regular curry night – it can make your pub busy on those quiet midweek evenings
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