It’s no secret there’s shortage of staff in the kitchen. We asked 3 Chefs from different industries how they keep their staff happy, and ultimately stop them from going elsewhere.

Head Chef Jack Hancock

Marble Arch 

Signature Dish: Mojo Pork Focaccia Slab with Garlic and Sage Root Crisps

Chef Years: 2

How do you keep staff I try and look after them, a lot of kitchens don't look after the staff, right down to KP's and commis chef. Look after everyone that works for you, and reward them when you should. Reward with bonuses, reward with letting them put stuff on the menus and encourage their passion.

Head Chef Gary Costello

The Ashling 

Signature Dish: Beef and Guinness Pie, Slow cooked duck topped with beetroot foam, orange dust and shot of Guinness 

Chef Years: 27

How do you keep staff? I’ve had my Sous Chef with me now for 17 years, and my core team ranges from 6 months service to 41 years. I’m a good boss, I allow flexibility, fairness and empathy. The team know there’s time to work and to play – they’re well looked after.

Head chef Alan Healy

The Harbour Master Bar IFSC 

Signature Dish: 6oz Steak Sandwich on Grilled Ciabatta with Sauté Onion, Pepper Sauce, Horseradish Dressing and French Fries

Chef Years: 30

How do you keep staff? Pay them well, pay correctly, and on time. I always put myself in last on the roster. As Head Chef, I’m better paid and so I take it on the chin, and put myself on the front. I always offer training and development, and I look out for kitchen porters with potential.

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