Whatever the season, there are few dishes more comforting either to prepare or to eat than a steaming bowl of soup. From rustic broths to elegant consommés to rich, creamy chowders, soup is super-versatile as a starter or a main.

It’s also a great tool for any chef working in elderly care for many reasons.

Keeping residents well-hydrated is a major challenge, but did you know on average 20% of our water intake comes from food? Soup is a great way to help ward off dehydration.

Soup is the perfect format to enhance with protein, extra vitamins or more calories. Noodles and croutons or evaporated milk and cream can add vital calories, while shredded meats can bring depth of flavour and extra protein. Finely chopped veg in soup is an easy way of getting towards eating five a day, while beans and pulses offer vitamins, calories and protein all at once.

Ease of eating: 
For residents who have problems with appetite or swallowing, soup is a great way to eat a familiar dish whilst being versatile enough for chefs to adapt to residents’ individual needs. 

As every chef knows, great soup starts with great stock; check out our recipes below from award-winning elderly care chef Brian Lane using Knorr stock for incredible depth of flavour. 

Chef Inspiration