Follow allergen legislation

Food allergens and food intolerances carry too much risk so correct food labelling is vital. With our tips you can make sure you follow allergen legislation and provide your guests with all information needed.


  • Assign a food allergen expert for each shift who can answer questions on the 14 food allergens in the food and drinks you serve.
  • Have alternative meal suggestion for those with allergies or intolerances, for example a gluten free option.
  • Ensure allergens are listed on the menu or the following signpost on the menu is used, 'Food Allergies and Intolerance: Before you order your food and drinks please speak to a member of our staff’.
  • Keep a record of all 14 food allergens in the food and drink you serve.
  • Identify all allergens in cooking methods too, such as oils or dressings.
  • Maintain good kitchen practices to avoid cross contamination while preparing and serving the food or drink.
  • Stick to the agreed recipe.
  • Keep information on food allergens on your website up to date.
  • Ensure all staff are trained on allergen procedures and what to do in an emergency.



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