Lasooni Chicken Tikka Masala


Ingredients (10 portions)

Amount Measure Name
1.3 kg1.3kgChicken, dark & light meat (50/50) skinless
750 ml750mlKNORR PATAKS Tikka Masala Ready to Use Sauce
30 ml30mlSunflower oil
150 g150gOnions diced
50 g50gKnorr Professional Garlic Puree 750g 
50 g50gGinger fresh
100 ml100mlMeadowland Double – the benefits of double cream without the disadvantages 
5 g5gCoriander, chopped

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Advance Preparation
Pre heat an oven to 220ºC (475ºF) gas 7. Warm the serving plates. Roll out the pastry ½" thick and cut
out with appropriate sized oval round or square cutters using one cutter one or two sizes smaller,
dipped in oil and used to cut into the pastry just short of the base. Brush with a little diluted egg yolk
and water, place on a baking tray, rest and refrigerate until ready for use

1. Prepare and trim the chicken of any excess fat.
2. Make up the bouillon as per manufacturers instructions using 25g paste to 1ltr of boiling/hot water.
3. Place the vol au vents in the pre-heated oven and cook until golden brown and dry. Cut out the top
carefully and remove the wet pastry, place the top back on and keep warm.
4. In a saute pan add the Flora spread and bring to a medium to high heat, add the chicken, button
onions and mushrooms and cook without colour for 2-3 minutes. Add the clear chicken bouillon, bring
to the boil and simmer until tenderand thoroughly cooked. Thicken lightly by mixing in the roux
granules and the cream alternative.
5. Place the vol au vent case, centre of the warm plate, fill with the chicken filling, drizzle the plate
with the excess veloute and with the finishing bouillon.

Service Hint
Serve with steamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Handy Hints
Pre made Vol au vents can be used in lieu of fresh made.

Healthy Nutritional Advice
Added salt is not recommended but if used keep to a minimum. If using oil use unsaturated (olive or
sunflower) and reduce the quantity used where possible. This helps to provide a nutritional balanced
dish. Although Meadowland is a healthier alternative to cream please note that these recipes are
indulgent recipes.

Reference Intakes for Adults

Each Serving of Lasooni Chicken Tikka Masala contains

Reference Intakes for Adults

of an adults guideline daily amount

recipe number: 1-EN-138974 recipe code: R0036151
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