Prawns in a Rich Creamy Laksa sauce


Ingredients (10 portions)

Amount Measure Name
350 g350gKnorr Blue Dragon Laksa Curry Paste 1.1kg
20 g20gLime leaves
20 g20gLemongrass
1 l1lLight coconut milk
150 g150gYellow peppers
150 g150gSpring onions
150 g150gBean sprouts
250 g250gKnorr Egg Noodles 3kg 
500 g500gShellfish, prawns (raw)
30 g30gCashew
25 g25gCoriander, chopped

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Advanced Preparation.
Prepare ingredients as above. warm serving dishes.

1. Heat the laksa paste in a suitable pan over a medium heat and cook for 1 minute until aroma is
2. Add the lime leaves and lemon grass to the paste and cook for a further minute before adding the
coconut milk. Bring to the simmer cook for 5 minutes.
3. Add the vegetables and cook for a further 5 minutes before adding the pre cooked noodles and the
prawns. Simmer for a further 5-10 minutes or until the prawns are thoroughly cooked and the sauce is
of the desired consistency.
4. Serve the laksa in preheated bowls garnished with the cashews and chopped coriander.

Service Hint
Serve with Thai vegetables crackers or Prawns crackers if not avalible.

Handy Hint
Chicken or fish can be used instead of the prawns.

Healthy Hint
Added salt is not recommended but if used keep to a minimum . If using oil use unsaturated (olive or
sunflower) and reduce the quantity used where possible. This helps to provide a nutritional balanced

Reference Intakes for Adults

Each Serving of Prawns in a Rich Creamy Laksa sauce contains

Reference Intakes for Adults

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