"In my kitchen, there are just certain things I can't live without - my knife and my bouillon."

Marc Gysling, Chef Patron,
Harvey's Point Hotel

Trusted by chefs for generations

Knorr® Bouillon for chefs and caterers

In a busy kitchen, there are certain things no chef can live without. Just like your knife that never lets you down, Knorr Bouillon is a staple in any professional kitchen.

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Turn the products you buy into rewards you'll love

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use Knorr Paste Bouillon?

A: Knorr Paste Bouillon is made by chefs for chefs, the paste format inparticular is made exclusively for chefs.

Q: Are the Knorr Bouillon Pastes Gluten Free?

A: Yes – All varieties of the Knorr Bouillon Paste range are Gluten Free.


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