Colman's®, the world-famous mustard brand, was founded over 180 years ago in Norwich, making it the oldest brand in Unilever's portfolio.


Colman's® is Britains favourite English Mustard

Colman's is Britains favourite English Mustard - made since 1814.

Colman's® Mustard Story

Watch the story behind Colman's and meet the local farmer who supplies the mustard to the factory.

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Q: What's the difference between Colman's and Own Label?

A: Try the Colman's challenge we think you can tell the difference, Colman's has a much fiery flavour that will save you from using more in your kitchen.

Paul Hawkins

Q: Times are tough, I need to cut costs where I can.

A: When it only costs €0.39 more for Colman's, why compromise on an iconic brand consumers recognise.

Paul Hawkins

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