Intro: Why change is important

A healthy environment makes for a healthy business. In this video, we’ll take you through what the series will cover and Chef Gilles will share his perspective on why change is important.


Take care of yourself first

You have to take care of yourself first to take good care of your team. Here, we’ll hear chefs share how they take care of themselves.


How to spot the signs in your team

Learning to spot the signs of a struggling member of staff is really important. Watch this video to find out what they are.


How to open the conversation with someone who you think is struggling

Starting the conversation with someone you think is struggling can be hard. Here our top chefs share their tips to help you do this effectively.


Creating a supportive kitchen environment

Creating a supportive kitchen environment will help your team to stay health and work well together. Learn some of the key points that will help you turn your kitchen into a supportive environment.

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