1. What is a stock?

Chef Vusi talks through you the basics. He also shows you his way to create a classic stock – including the all-important flavour-filled bundle of herbs and spices known as a bouquet garni.


2. Court-Bouillon

Your step-by-step guide to producing this aromatic poaching liquid, often for seafood. Pick up some expert tips, such as when to add the salt and how to tell if your stock is the right colour.


3. Vegetable stock

Classic vegetable stocks will be the launchpad for many of the dishes you’ll probably find on your restaurant’s menu. Follow this straightforward method for cooking one up.


4. Brown stock

A short lesson in making this stock, which uses roasted veal or beef bones. Includes clever hints, such as deglazing your cooking trays so no roasted bits of meat, vegetable, fat or flavour go to waste.


5. Glace

Turn an ordinary stock into a super-concentrated syrupy reduction to give a flavour boost to meat dishes, roast dishes and stir-fries. Discover the different stocks glaces can be made from. 


6. Chicken stock

Any young chef needs to make a chicken stock part of their repertoire. But that’s easily done with Chef Vusi’s advice.


7. Fish stock

Another important part of your culinary knowledge bank. This video describes a straightforward method for creating this mixture of white-fish bones and trimmings, and vegetables.

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