With the rise in popularity of food deliveries, we have got  you 5 useful tips for leveraging this fast-growing business sector.

1. Select a menu that delivers well

There’s nothing worse than waiting 30 minutes for wilted lettuce and soggy fried chicken. Avoid customer disappointment by offering dishes that travel well.

2. Use appetising photos

Grab customers’ attention with well-lit food photography using simple backgrounds that highlight your dishes.

Edit professionally, but make sure the photos are still true to what the customer will be getting.

3. Use the right packaging

First impressions count, so it’s crucial that your food comes in high-quality packaging that is leak-proof, easy to open and maintains good food presentation during delivery.

4. Offer promotions

Look at doing family deals to make ordering simple for both the customer and the kitchen. Meal deals including sides and drinks are a good way to upsell complete meals.

5. Deliver promptly and punctually

Your customers will put in a good word for you via social media and online reviews if they are satisfied with your food and service. With an organised kitchen, you’ll be able to hand the freshest food to delivery drivers on time, so customers will want to order from you again.

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