Kick off a more profitable summer with Bite-size winners

Big football tournaments mean bigger sales and footfall for your pub or bar. But why let the drinks enjoy all the action?

Prepare to kick-off a more profitable summer.



Bite-Size Winners

With the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament just around the corner, pubs have a golden opportunity to tap into the excitement of one of the biggest sporting events worldwide. 

This year, sharing plates are more important than ever. Not only do they let you try something NEW with your customers, they also embrace the sharing occasion an team spirit of sporting events.

To add an extra layer of excitement, our Hellmann’s recipe guide aligns sharing plate recipes to the top participating teams in the tournament, so you can up your bite-sized game.


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Mayo Mixology Guide

Wanting to enhance your already created menu ?

One often underestimated decision is the selection of mayonnaise. Opting for the right mayo can elevate your dishes' quality and contribute to long-term cost savings.

Whether accompanying fries, chicken tenders, or pizza, a stellar dipping sauce elevates the meal experience. Crafting your own sauces not only saves costs but also offers unique flavours.

Discover simple and quick mixing techniques with our mayo mixology guide, packed full of simple, budget-friendly recipe inspiration that can help you charge a premium.

Chef Inspiration