Knorr® Professional Student Chef of the Year 2022


The 2024 competition

We’re delighted to announce that the Knorr Student Chef of the Year Competition will take place at Cork Institute of Technology on February 20th, marking it’s 26th year!

The theme for this year's competition is “Modernised Comfort Food’’. Students will be tasked with creating a delicious 2 course meal that provides nostalgic or sentimental appeal with a modern twist!  The meal should create happiness and a warm feeling for the judges whilst showcasing reduced food waste and exciting use of vegetables. The menu must consist of a main and a dessert. The dessert must contain vegetables.

Students must include Knorr Professional bouillon in their dishes.

While we do not want to restrict students’ creativity, the judges will be paying careful attention to how each of the menus has been thought through. 

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Are you an aspiring chef?

If you think that you have the culinary credentials to mix with the country’s top young chefs, then make sure that you are a part of the Knorr® Professional Student Chef of the Year competition

How to enter

The competition is open to second year students ONLY from participating catering colleges, training centres and institutes of technology across the island of Ireland.

Students must be recommended to enter by the head of their catering college, and only one student per campus can represent their college at the Knorr® Professional Student Chef of the Year final. Students should submit their completed entry as per the instructions here to their lecturer who will select the finalist.

To enter, students must fully complete the entry form along with a supporting document detailing your recipes. This must then be returned to their lecturer who can email the entry form to

All finalists will receive a chef’s jacket. Please provide your size in the entry form. Closing date for entries is Monday, 15th January 2024. The organisers will not accept responsibility for entries arriving later than this date. 


This year’s competition will focus on innovative and creative food cooking and presentation.

The competitors (Student Chef and their assistant) will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and approach to sustainable sourcing, zero waste and efficient cooking methods.

1. Student Chef and college details

  • Student name, home address, contact number and short bio
  • College name and short paragraph on the college
  • Lecturer’s name and short bio 

2. The 2023 theme is: “Modernised Comfort Food”.

  • Describe how your two dishes meet the theme and what inspires you in your cooking

3. Two Dishes (one main and one dessert. The dessert must contain vegetables)

  • Dish names
  • Ingredients for both dishes
  • Cooking method for both dishes
  • Tell the story behind each dish. All dish details must be submitted in the application form prior to the competition.

4. Chef’s Jacket

  • Indicate size for Chef’s jacket: S (small) M (medium) L (large) XL (extra large). Please send size details to  asap.


Prizes and Awards


The winner of the Knorr® Professional Student Chef of the Year will win a Knorr Student Chef Of the Year trophy, a set of professional knives and an inspirational culinary experience for them, their lecturer and helper.


The finalist in second place will win a set of professional knives.


The finalist in third place will win a set of starter knives.

Hannah Leavy from Cork, was crowned the winner of Knorr® Professional Student Chef of the Year 2023

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