Want to get your fish flying off the pass? Here are some tips on how best to market them

Manage your menu

The menu is everything. We’re sharing some handy hints below.

  • On a vertically arranged menu the first and last items are the biggest sellers. So if you want to sell your fish, you know where to put it.
  • Make dish titles clear, simple and catchy.
  • Add phrases that tell the customers about the origins of the dish; this can help sell it.
  • Recommend your favorite wine fish-pairings.

Become a storyteller

You put a piece of you on every plate and guess what, guests love to hear the story behind the dish – so don’t forget to tell them. Here are some top tips on how best to do this:

  • Talk to your customers about the fish you have used and the flavours that they are about to experience. Don’t forget to mention if it is in season, sustainable or locally sourced. Customers like it if you can tell them the name of the fishermen or the area they have been caught in.
  • Train your front of house staff and make them your taste ambassadors by getting them to taste your dishes. It is essential that waiters are excited about the food, so they need to know as much as possible about each dish.
  • If you have a ‘catch of the day’ make sure your customers know what this is so that they get the freshest fish.
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