Looking for more gluten free dessert options? Savory flavours are sliding into sweet applications. Our pastry chef Alex has explored this trend.


The sky is the limit

You have probably noticed the shift from the classic sugar based dessert, to a more complex flavoured approach. Our palate is changing and we are now using vegetables, olive oil, herbs and ethnic spices in our desserts. Desserts are becoming more interesting by including miso, matcha, black sesame and herbs like ginger and basil. This shift opens up more gluten free options. 

Root vegetables

How about parsnip pudding, as served the Grain Store restaurant in London? Or what about trying a creamy celeriac puree with hazelnut crumble, as served by 11 Madison Park in New York?

Root vegetables are particularly apt for desserts. Because of their high starch level, they make for excellent creams and purees, but they can also be incorporated into puddings and cakes. Try creating a rich velvety cream of carrots and serve with chewy meringue, crispy toasted gluten free buckwheat and a miso caramel sauce.


Chef Inspiration