Saute of Corn Fed Chicken with Wild Mushrooms


Ingredients (10 portions)

Amount Measure Name
3.8 kg3.8kgChicken, whole (roasting)
30 ml30mlSunflower oil
50 g50gBanana shallots
20 g20gKnorr Professional Garlic Puree 750g 
200 g200gWild mushrooms

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Advance Preparation
Prepare the chicken into eigths and remove excess fat, skin and bone as appropriate. Pre heat an oven
to 180ºC (350ºF ) Gas 4. Warm the service plates.

1. Heat the oil to a medium heat in a thick bottomed saucepan and fry the chicken in batches until
lightly browned all over, remove from the pan and finish in the pre heated oven until thoroughly
cooked. Fry the onions and garlic, gently, for 2-3 minutes without colour. Lightly fry the mushrooms
set aside.
2. Make up the chicken stock by whisking in 30-33g (1 rounded dessert spoon) of chicken stock
reduction into 1 ltr of boiling water.
3. Add the wine to the frying pan, reduce by half, add the stock, simmer and reduce to a syrupy
consistency. Add the cream, bring to the boil and reduce to required consistency.
4. Add a hint of sherry to bring out the chicken and mushroom flavours. Remove the chicken from the
5. Serve the chicken centre of plate, garnished with the hot mushrooms, the sauce masked/drizzled
over with a sprinkling of chives or parsley.

Handy hint
This recipe can be used with other poultry. The sauce flavour can be strengthened by adding and
whisking in small amounts of beef or chicken stock reduction as required.

Healthy Hint
Keep added salt to a minimum. Use an unsaturated oil (olive or sunflower) and reduce the quantity
used. This helps to provide a healthy balanced dish.

Reference Intakes for Adults

Each Serving of Saute of Corn Fed Chicken with Wild Mushrooms contains

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