Ever wondered what new technology is out there to support Chefs in the kitchen? So did we! That’s why we’ve had a look round, researched, and found some of the latest innovations out there for Chefs!

Robot Burger Chef

Meet Flippy, he’s an industrial arm that can cook, recognise and monitor items on the grill, and is constantly able to learn from surroundings. According to the founder the idea was to help restaurants improve food quality and safety without requiring major kitchen design. 

Smart Fridge

Say Hello, to smart refrigerator that tells you what you’re running out of and let’s you order it from your mobile! Using a wireless camera and voice control, Liebherr alongside Microsoft has developed a system that has analysed millions of images to help it identify ingredients, products, and more.

Touch Bistro

Touch Bistro helps to create a smooth run between FOH and BOH, featuring software that allows you to take orders, manage the floor and upsell products. It even collects all the data inputted so you can see for yourself what’s worked well.

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